Best book store in Harlem @buyblacknuss thank you!W132nd st between Lenox +7th ave 📖

Phantogram live with @margaritaoh good times!

ROG WALKER: A LONELYLEAP FILM from Rog Walker on Vimeo.

There is always a sense of excitement and anxiety when the weekend comes around. I usually not always, find myself going through a list of things that I aim to achieve during this golden window of opportunity, where the next 48 hours truly belong to me.  

#1 on my list, Sleep! #2 More coffee #3 dive head first into the interwebs collecting buckets or rather megabytes of inspiration, (I have three external hard drives connected to my computer… ;) #4 Walk around a different neighborhood #5 Do something new #6 Just Be… 

Inspired by Rog Walker and In the spirit of exploring and experiencing something new cheers to the next 48.